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The Top 10 Treks in Morocco , is undoubtedly the most interesting land in the Maghreb, the most varied also alternating high mountains

is undoubtedly the most interesting trekking land in the Maghreb, the most varied also alternating high mountains, green valleys, dry canyons, oases, and dunes. In the hollow of the valleys, the Berber villages welcome hikers with their legendary hospitality. A great opportunity to discuss and discover Berber traditions still alive. After 8 trips to , here are my top 10 in Morocco. I have almost all done them.

1 – Mount Toubkal Climb :

The best known and also the most popular of all routes in Morocco, the Toubkal trek is nevertheless a great classic that I have not done. According to many friends who have climbed it on a 2, 6, or 12-day trek, it is splendid. Depending on the duration of the trek, we start from (2-day version), Ouakaimedem, or Aguersioual (1-week version) but other options are possible and for the longest trek, there are even more variations.

The Peaks of Toubkal Mountains:

2 – Ascent of M’Goun:

This is the first trek I have done in Morocco, it was in 2003 if I remember correctly. Before the days of I-Trekkings. And what a trek!

Departing from the valley of Aït Bougmez, we reached the summit of M’Goun before moving onto the southern slope of the massif through the gorges of M’Goun and ending with the valley of Roses at El Kelaâ M’Gouna. 11 days of . My first experience was with a local agency as well and with Moroccan hospitality. A trek that somehow contributed to my desire to create I-Trekkings. Alas, I no longer have the story. Some silver photos remain in an old photo album.

3 – Eastern High Atlas:

Departing from Imilchil in the Eastern High Atlas, I reached the Aït Bougmez valley in 10 days of walking. A very little traveled route in its easternmost part to the Taghia gorges, famous for climbing.
The route is a mix of high-altitude mountains, deep gorges, and inhabited villages where Berber hospitality is evident every time. In the mountains, we meet several times shepherds and nomads.

4 – The Aït Bougmez valley:

Softer, the Aït Bougmez valley, the “happy valley”, lends itself to pretty walks through fields and villages. It’s not really a trek or it has to be joined to a larger route like on my ascent of M’Goun or in the Eastern High Atlas.
I even stayed there for a week on one of my trips to Morocco. Leaving from an ecolodge, I explored across and across the valley and even a little beyond the Aït Boulli valley or the Izourar plateau.

5 – Great crossing of the :

This is the trek that I would like to do. In the catalog of major French trekking agencies, the route begins in Iskattafen on the heights of Aït Bougmez.
In 17 days of walking, heading towards Imlil. Along the way, climb M’Goun, Anghomar and Toubkal (at the end) and pass through the Tessaout valley. A major route.