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Tinmal Mosque Day Trip

In the eleventh century, Ibn Toumert wanted to drive the Almoravids out of Marrakech and undertook a long conquest of the country which would stop at the gates of the city, at the eagle’s nest of Tinmel. His successor, Abd al-Moumen Ibn Ali, will enter Marrakech, overthrow the Almoravids, and continue his conquests until Granada in Andalusia. He then had a mosque erected in the village and Tinmel became the cultural and spiritual centre of this immense empire.

After the fall of the Almohads, Tinmel sinks into oblivion and its mosque falls into disrepair. It will be restored at the end of the 90s by the ONA Foundation. You will be able to admire its daring architecture which has served as a model for all the mosques in the Maghreb and as far as Seville.

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Departure from Marrakech at 8 Am heading to the trail of the Caravans, we cross Moulay Brahim gorges, to the local Souk of Asni, if its Saturday it will be a great chance to explore the Berber Souk. Then Drive to Nafis Valley. in the road we are going to discover the Gndafa Kasbahs and Villages, a powerful tribe that controlled the entire region in the 19th century during the French colonial. Once we reach to Ijoukak Village where Tinmel Mosque’s located. Visit the mosque, a jewel of Almohad architecture of great purity. 

At the foot of the foothills of the Toubkal massif, you will have lunch in a lodge with a breathtaking view of the old potters’ village and the mule tracks where the simple life of Berber villagers takes place. After Lunch, it will be the Time to go back to Marrakech

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  • Ijoukak Valley Day trip
  • Atlas Mountains excursions
  • Berber Villages 
Ijoukak Valley Day trip
Atlas Mountains excursions
Berber Villages 
  • Ijoukak Valley Day trip
  • Atlas Mountains excursions
  • Berber Villages 

The Tinmel mosque was built in the High Atlas region in the memory of Mehdi IBN TOUMERT, founder of the Almohad dynasty (12th century).

This mosque was built according to an Andalusian Maghrebian process which combines the refinement of architectural tradition and local construction techniques.

Tinmel is located along the important High Atlas mountain pass known as Tizi-n-Test between Marrakesh to the north and the Sous region to the south.

It was the first capital of the Almohad movement founded by Ibn Tumart. He established his followers here in 1124 or 1125 CE and it became the base from which they launched attacks on the Almoravids who ruled the region at the time.

A first mosque was built here around this time or shortly after. When Ibn Tumart died in 1130 he was buried here and a religious sanctuary and pilgrimage site subsequently developed at the site of his tomb.[4] Abd al-Mu’min, who took over leadership of the Almohads after him, decided to build a new mosque nearby or on the same site in 1148, as confirmed by historical documents of the time  – although the foundation date of 1153-1154 CE (548 AH) given by the Rawd al-Qirtas is still cited by many.  The new mosque most likely replaced the existing mosque of Tinmel that was present here