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Located only a few hours by plane from Europe, captivates and surprises with such a change of scenery. Cultures and traditions are still part of the daily life of Moroccans. You can come to Morocco many times and never have the same stay. This country with diverse attractions, culture, history, beach, sun, gastronomy, shopping, sport, desert, and even skiing attracts more and more tourists every year. The warm welcome of its people is also the success of this destination so close and so far at the same time.

central Morocco
High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Région sauvage au charme insolite, le Moyen Atlas est encore très peu couru par les touristes. Il abrite essentiellement des tribus berbères. Plus au Sud, le Haut-Atlas s’étend des plaines atlantiques à la frontière maroco-algérienne. Il est dominé à l’Ouest par le massif du Toubkal, point culminant de toute l’Afrique du Nord.


The atlantic coasts

The Moroccan Atlantic coast stretches over more than 2,900 kilometers. Only and reside by the ocean. and Meknes, are nestled inland, between the Middle and High Atlas. and have long sandy beaches and lagoons. They are still little used by tourists and mainly satisfy the locals.