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Sahara desert Memories

Camel Trek in Zagora Desert

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Camel Trek in Zagora Desert 6days

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Camel Trek in Zagora Desert 6days

This camel trek in the Zagora region opens up to all forms of desert between the tapered dunes, the rocks blackened by the scorching of the sun, the ergs and the shaded of acacias, the canyons widening out on magnificent panoramas overlooking the Draâ valley …

Immersion in this nearby desert makes it possible to make a break in a few days with our habits of life to find the immense spaces of the desert and the starry nights where silence remains.

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Our Tour Guides are the best in Morocco we garanted you the quality of services


We provide new and comfortable Minibuses and minivans, 4x4 vehicles as well

Food & Beverages

Tagines and Couscous are the main disches in Morocco and Mint Tea and Orange Jus are main drinks


We provide very good team, to help you and keep safe during your trip in Morocco

Zagora Desert; Camel Trek; Trekking In Morocco, Sahara Desert 

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Zagora Desert; Camel Trek; Trekking In Morocco, Sahara Desert 

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  • Portage: For walkers a small backpack for the day’s belongings. Mules or Camels are available for carrying luggage.
  • Supervision: By a French speaking Moroccan mountain guide assisted by a cook and muleteers.
  • Meals: typical Moroccan dishes (tagine, couscous, …). Fresh products and complementary preserves, meat bought in the mountains. Picnic or salads at noon, hot and cooked meal in the evening.
  • Climate: dry and hot in spring, cold at night in winter. Thunderstorm possible
  • Supervision: Berber guide speaking French and English, cook, mule drivers.

Accommodation: Camping and Local Houses

List of equipment to bring back: The weight of your luggage must be limited and contain all of your belongings. A flexible travel bag with side openings or a rucksack without frame, do not bring back rigid bags and suitcases.
  • The list:
  •  A sleeping bag (warm for winter)
  •  A small backpack for the day.
  •  A pair of light walking shoes that hold the ankle well.
  •  A spare pair of shoes and a pair of sandals.
  •  Loose pants for walking
  •  A sweater or fleece (from October to March) and a lighter one to wear underneath.
  •  A mountain jacket & waterproof jacket & pant
  •  A change of clothes.
  •  A flashlight + spare battery.
  •  A gourd.
  •  Sunglasses …
  • To do this trek, you should be in good physical conditions, but efforts will be rewarded.
  • Good walking shoes are mandatory, Sleeping bag.
  • To confirm this Trek you need a deposit of 15% before you start and 85% at the start time.
  • Payment: Cash

Zagora Desert; Camel Trek; Trekking In Morocco, Sahara Desert 

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