Atlas Mountains Bike a Single Track tour

Discover the High Atlas Mountains, is the Berbers Home, we will take you to meet the Berber People in the High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech only 60km from Jamaa El Fna.

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Mountain Bike Trek in the Atlas Mountains

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An exotic  itinerary in southern Morocco where you will discover the exceptional sites, the Berber Villages and the Toubkal Peaks  which make it so charming.

Atlas Mountains Bike in Morocco a Single Track tour

A mountain bike or bike ride in Morocco is the perfect way to get a good glimpse of the striking contrasts of this country: rocky peaks, gorges, waterfalls, traditional villages, desert mountains and green valleys …

Safety and Guide

4 day trip

4x4 and Minivan

Family Houses

Day Per Day:

Day 1: Marrakech- Tighadouine- Oukaimeden.

After breakfast at your hotel, transfer by vehicle towards the village of Tighadouine (1000m), then continue to the village of Ait Inzal (1500m), the starting point of your bike raid, so you spend a small pass (1600m ) that will allow you to begin a descent to the valley of Ait Bousaid crossing a series of Berber villages of typical architecture of the region, ie a construction sandstone houses in the village of Guerferouane, then go for the crossing of the small mountain Tasghimout.

Arrived in the village of Tamazouzte (850m), or you have an appointment with your transportation and transfer towards the Ourika valley, then continuation of your transfer to arrive to Oukaimeden (2600m), overnight at guest house or refuge, dinner and overnight.

  • 42 km of mountain bike trails and track.
  • 110km transfer on paved road.
  • Elevation Downhill Mountain bike: 800 m.

Day 2: Oukaimeden – Imlil .

By Ansa Pass (3000m), panoramic view Over the valley of Ansa, crossing several small Berber villages, arriving at the village of Timichi (2010m) have a mint tea and take the trail to Timankar, then begin a climb that will take you to the village of Acheg, very old architecture, during the biking you will meet the locals and live the moment with them, arrived in the village of Sidi Fares and transfer to Imlil valley one of the highlights of this trip, installation at Riad Jnane Imlil (1775m), dinner and overnight.

  • 50 km of mountain bike trails and track.
  • 38 Km transfer on paved road.
  • Elevation gain: 400m
  • Vertical Drop: 1000 m

Day3: Imlil –Id Aissa

After breakfast at the Riad Jnane Imlil, vehicle transfer towards the village of Tachdirte (2400m), the point of your raid Cycling, arrived there, take the trail that descends along the Imnane valley, crossing a series of Berber villages to the footer of the valley, the village of Tansghrarte, where you can take your vehicle for a transfer to the village Tagadirte n’Ait Ali (1350m) where you will take the track uphill to pass the Tacht pass (2000m), 

Finish up a fantastic view awaits you, then the mountainside still on the track, so you reach the beautiful valley Azzaden, arrived in the village of Id Aissa (1700m) installation at the cottage, dinner and overnight.

  • 38 km of mountain bike trails and track.
  • 22 Km transfer on paved road.
  • Elevation gain: 650 m
  • Vertical Drop: 1100 m

Day4: Id Aissa – Imi N’Tala.

Descent of this beautiful valley Azzaden rich by its terraced crops, its typical Berber villages to the village of Tassaouirgane then the center of Maghira (1150m), transfer on Amassine (1000m) or you will take your bikes to ride a steady climb that takes you to the village of Tzi Ouadou (1450m), from where you have a fantastic view, and then crossing the kik plateau and down to the village of Taghenchoute and right on the river, another transfer to the village of Tafeguarte (115O) and take the track uphill Anougual  valley to the village of Imi N’Tala (1600 m) installation at the berber house, dinner and overnight.

  • 45 km of mountain bike trails and track.
  • 25 Km transfer on paved road.
  • Elevation gain: 900 m
  • Vertical Drop: 750 m

Day 5: Imi N’ Tala – Marrakech.

Another good exciting day starting towards the village of Tnirte a beautiful track in a pine forest of Aleppo, and juniper with herbs thyme and lavender, arrived in the village of Lamdinate (1700m) where you completely change direction over the village of Toulkine, fantastic views over the plain where is the small town of Amzmiz, and down through the trail through a pine forest to the village of Ouled Metaa (1000m ) where you are going to transfer to join the desert Aguafay (700 m) then you will enjoy this fabulous corner  around the city of Marrakech, in the afternoon you will have a transfer to your hotel, dinner and overnight.


  • 50 km of mountain bike trails and track.
  • 52 Km transfer on paved road.
  • Elevation gain: 100m
  • Vertical Drop: 1000 m

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Atlas Mountains Bike a Single Track tour
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MTB in Morocco

Offering both guided and self-guided biking trips in Morocco, MTB Morocco based in Atlas Mountains & Marrakech, is certainly among the best known tour companies for bike enthusiasts. They provide accommodations on the upscale end including Riads, hotels and family houses. Travelers can experience easygoing to moderate to challenging biking tours and can custom their own itineraries. Tours are offered year-round and range from 1 to 20 days.

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your cycling journey!

Morocco is a fascinating country with diverse landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, making it an exciting destination for bike enthusiasts. Biking in Morocco offers a unique and thrilling experience, from challenging mountain trails to leisurely coastal routes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at biking in Morocco, including some of the best routes, top destinations, and essential tips.

One of the most popular biking routes in Morocco is the Atlas Mountains, which offers breathtaking views and challenging terrain. The Atlas Mountains run through the country’s center, and there are many trails and paths that cyclists can explore. These routes are ideal for intermediate to advanced bikers, as they can be steep and rocky, with some narrow passes that require concentration and skill.


Another popular biking route is along the Atlantic Coast. The coastline of Morocco is spectacular, with miles of golden beaches, rocky cliffs, and charming seaside towns. Cycling along the coast offers a more relaxed and easy-going experience than the Atlas Mountains, with plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery. Cyclists can also explore the nearby Souss-Massa National Park, which is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

For those looking for an urban biking experience, the cities of Marrakech and Fez offer some great routes. Both cities have a rich cultural heritage and are filled with narrow streets, colorful markets, and historic landmarks. Biking through these cities allows you to see them in a unique way, with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore.


When it comes to essential tips for biking in Morocco, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Always wear a helmet: This is a basic safety precaution that is essential when biking in any country.

  2. Bring your own gear: If you have your own biking gear, it’s a good idea to bring it with you. While there are places where you can rent gear, having your own ensures that you’re comfortable and familiar with your equipment.

  3. Be aware of the weather: Morocco has a hot, arid climate, so it’s essential to plan your route and schedule your rides during cooler times of the day. It’s also important to bring plenty of water and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

  4. Respect local customs: Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and it’s important to be respectful of local customs and traditions. Dress modestly when biking in public areas, and be aware of local laws and regulations.

In conclusion, biking in Morocco offers a unique and thrilling experience that is sure to excite any cyclist. Whether you’re looking for challenging mountain trails or leisurely coastal routes, there’s something for everyone. With the right preparation and a little bit of caution, biking in Morocco can be a safe and unforgettable adventure.