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Atlas Mountains range:

Are you planning a trip to the Maghreb? So don’t miss out on discovering the Atlas Mountains!

A mountain range in North Africa, the Atlas spans three countries in the region: Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. 2,500 kilometers long, the massif forms a barrier between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara. Its Moroccan part is probably the most interesting. It is shared between three massifs: the Anti, the Middle, and the High Atlas. The latter attracts most of the visitors. Many come to climb Mount Toubkal, its highest peak, which rises to 4,167 meters.

The are among the must-see places to visit in this region. No matter what country you are going to, be sure to visit it. Magnificent landscapes, canyons, oases, and rivers await you. So to help you on your adventures, in this guide we will cover all the ways to discover the Atlas Mountains.

The Atlas is a mountain range located in North Africa and spanning three countries: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Mountain treks Ayachi Mountain in Eastern High Atlas Mountains

Where is Mount Toubkal?

One of the most beautiful mountains of the High chain, which passes in the countries of the Maghreb, as Mount or Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain peak in the Atlas Mountains chain, which has a height of 4165 meters and is 60 km south of Marrakesh. It has two types of slopes, The first is the high slopes to which most people tend to practice climbing, which are covered with snow in the winter season, so people practice skiing, and the second is the low or lower slopes, which individuals go to for recreation and enjoying the scenery, you will need two full days to reach the top of a mountain Toubkal and the landing thereof.

On the first day, you will leave from the village of Imlil in the morning and walk for about five hours to the shelter, where you will spend the night.


Then on the second day, you will go to the summit in a period of four to five hours, then head down to the shelter, then return to Imlil, the best period to climb Mount is late April to October and great care must be taken when climbing the mountain.